How to use an online Facebook password hacker and how to protect your Facebook

How to Keep a Facebook Account Safe from Hackers: protect your page in many ways

When Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook, he had no idea that it will become a big hit to social network fanatics. There are millions to billions of Facebook users globally these days and it is truly one of the biggest platforms to engage with. It can help a business grow and it can reach new customers too with its famousness. Doing business is easier and simpler with Facebook these days.

The word hack or hacking itself is such a scary one, what more if your own Facebook has been penetrated by hackers? You might be scared to death, especially when you have discovered that this account is being used for unethical purposes or for identity theft. You need to be equipped with all the information to protect your Facebook page. This article contains important information of how you can be protected from hackers.

Know where to store your password and how to store it appropriately

Store your passwords just inside your mind or in a web data server. Never tell anyone about your passwords and never keep it anywhere in your computer. Tools such as the Blue Portal password hacker can effectively hack your Facebook account if you do. The computer’s web browser or cookies store passwords in its memory. You can clean them all the time to prevent hackers from getting your password and any other important information. It’s the victim’s careless that lead them to hackers. Make sure you are aware of how to keep your password safe all the time.

How hackers hack an account?

Hacker’s way of hacking can be classified in different methods.

  1. Key log –They use a special kind of software that watches every keystroke you make and then send them to someone who knows how to hack a Facebook account the page they work at the background of the Windows whenever you open up your computer. Your USB drive and the internet are just some of the culprit. Hackers usually send a Trojan virus through emails, attachments, links and others. As soon as you click them, then they are successful. The key is to never click unfamiliar links in Facebook, because you’ll never know if there is a hacker behind it.

  2. Password guessing –do not use your name, your birthday or any familiar things about you and your family, because if a hacker knows you personally, it will be easier for him/her to guess your password and hack your Facebook account.

  3. Phishing – Facebook will never ask you to login an unknown link. If there may be a login link that says it will lead to your Facebook account online, never trust it. It might just be looking for someone to victimize. Hackers can always make an untrusted page address similar to the legitimate one. Make sure you check the address bar if the web address is different from the original one.

Prevention is the key

Having a good antivirus can help in protecting you from key loggers and different Trojans. It can also help if you will log out every time you login into a page online especially Facebook. You must be aware of it and you shouldn’t let your browser keep your password. You can always login anytime. Preventing hackers from invading your account is easier than to let them ruin your reputation online.

Facebook hackers lurk everywhere

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If you are a common Facebook user, have you seen some uncommon link posted by your friend? Links like these can leave you wanting to click on it. But if it is extremely strange for your friend to post this then who else could it be but a hacker. Will you be able to tell the variation? Here are some suggestions that you might find really helpful.

1. The Post and The Personality

Let me ask you, do you really think that your grandmother can post a link directing to a porn material site in Facebook? Absolutely not! Who else can do this but a hacker! These types of link won’t only lead you pornographic sites but it can also lead you to phishing sites or ask you to install a rogue Facebook application.

2. Checking The Language Is Also Essential

It will be beneficial if you check on the language or the words used in writing the post. Hackers originate from various places. Facebook has been expanding swiftly throughout the the recent past which is the major reason why people keep asking how to hack a Facebook account. Regardless of where they are, they can still hack accounts. Besides getting into the accounts of people inside their region, they can also hack those outside their country. Unfamiliarity with the native language of the user is extremely possible. By doing so, you will have another idea on how to determine if the post is absolutely from the facebook user and not the hacker.

3. Money or Up Close and Personal

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Lots of people will ask for help in facebook but not all of the stories posted are real. Hackers are great at using compromised accounts. They’ll have several excuses why they need the money. Don’t be confused. You’ll just end up regretting what you did after knowing that you were fooled by a hacker. Ensure that you verify that it is truly your friend or loved one asking for the money. First, call them. Ask personal questions if the person can not be reached. This is the best way to verify their identity.

4.Check The Link?

Everyone loves using link shortening services because they can take a large web address and shorten it to just a few characters, making it easier to keep in mind and short enough to fit into a Twitter post. However, this can be by hackers to deceive you in clicking the link or installing a malware in your computer.

5. Was It Shared To All?

You needs to be warned if you see links that are malicious posted not only in your wall but on the wall of other users. With facebook’s unrestricted privacy solution, anybody can see all the post of one user. Hackers use this choice and take advantage of it knowing that their link will be seen by many. Your friends’ friend may even see it and that’s the worse case scenario because the link will spread like fire